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Xperia X10 Mini Pro:Expectation meets Reality

Finally, I have decided to get an Xperia X10 Mini Pro. I really wanted to wait for the New Mini Pro but I guess it’s gonna be a pretty long wait if I’m reading reviews and watching videos about it every night and day.

Android is really inviting. So I guess a couple of bucks over the Sony Ericsson TxtPro is really worth it.

I was too stubborn not to believe that the battery life of the Xperia X10 Mini Pro is terrible.
After reading almost every forum and review about it, I was really confident that if others could get a way with it, I can, too!(EXPECTATION)
On the first charge cycle after using up the factory charge, it barely even lasted a day!

It’s really annoying. From 100% it drops down to 99,98 and so on by the minute. Like everytime I check it, it’s one percent less.

It’s terrible. I have rooted it already (with SuperOneClick), turned off all energy consuming features,calibrated the battery (using the Battery Calibration App by Marosige),install Advanced Task Killer, used a third-party app for the Homescreen, and installed an auto-airplane mode app.(REALITY)

Well, for the first time, its been up and running for 27 hours now but only with light use. For a few texting, a 30-second call,a 5-minute gaming, a test and play-around with the camera for a bit, and a couple of browsing, this is disappointing.

But anyway, I might be a little unfair to this little guy,I think it’s doing a pretty good job as a phone/gadget. The touchscreen is really nice and smooth,no hangs or lags so far, very usable interface(super-ultra-mega customizable for customer experience) and the technically good physique is impressive indeed.

Maybe coming from Nokia C3 and Samsung Chat 335 which both have long lasting battery life(2-3 days of normal use), an iPod Touch that lasts just as long(with heavy use!) and a Sony Ericsson phone that I have for almost 4 years and still uses the original battery, I may be just expecting the same, but too much.

I really love it and I have no plans of getting a new phone for the next 12 months(or maybe until the new Mini Pro and good reviews about it come out).
The best thing about it, is that, like an iPhone, you can have an app for almost everything you need and want BUT in an utterly small package.

The last three things I can think of to solve this is either to buy a new battery with a capacity higher than the stock 930mAh or if none at least a spare battery, or get the EnergiToGo XP1000 Portable Cellphone Charger by Energizer and carry it around all the time.

I am hoping to get the charger on the 4th week of August, or the battery next week.

Will update with photos soon!